Tournament Country DateType Game
Canadians Training to Take Over the ETC - signup open Canada 27. maj 2017Singles Warhammer 40K
CLASH OF THE TITANS 2017: Round I - signup open Denmark 7. maj 2017Singles Warhammer 40K
Aroscon - The 9th. Age - signup open Denmark 6. maj 2017Singles The 9th Age
Arsocon 2017 - signup open Denmark 6. maj 2017Singles Warhammer 40K
ETC-Warmup 2017 in Germany - presented by TG PLAY! - signup open Germany 28. april 2017Team The 9th Age
FastaWar 2017 Denmark 13. april 2017Singles Warhammer 40K
Age Rage - signup open Denmark 9. april 2017Singles The 9th Age
The Gathering Storm I - Faraos Cigarer Kbh - signup open Denmark 2. april 2017Singles Warhammer 40K
Warhammer 40K Friendly United States25. marts 2017SinglesWarhammer 40K
Strivelyn Strife 2017 United Kingdom11. marts 2017SinglesThe 9th Age
Tanks Turnering Denmark4. marts 2017SinglesFlames Of War
Alsterkloppen 9th age Germany4. marts 2017SinglesThe 9th Age
Battle of Copenhagen Denmark25. februar 2017SinglesThe 9th Age
SLAGET PÅ HEDEN Warhammer 40.000 i Herning d.25 FEB 2017 Denmark25. februar 2017SinglesWarhammer 40K
SPAM 9.0 ITC Spain12. februar 2017SinglesWarhammer 40K
Warzone: Slagelse GT - ITC Denmark11. februar 2017SinglesWarhammer 40K
Age Rage Denmark5. februar 2017SinglesThe 9th Age
III GT Valencia 40K Spain4. februar 2017TeamWarhammer 40K
Fabriks Bash 1 Denmark28. januar 2017SinglesThe 9th Age
Haywire 9 Denmark28. januar 2017SinglesAge of Sigmar
Fratzenknacken Germany28. januar 2017SinglesThe 9th Age
CLASH OF THE TITANS, ROUND IV 2016 Denmark22. januar 2017SinglesWarhammer 40K
Danish 3 game UB Denmark10. januar 2017SinglesWarhammer Fantasy
Battle Brothers I Denmark7. januar 2017SinglesWarhammer 40K
NWL vinter 16/17 Aarhus Pulje 2 Denmark21. november 2016SinglesThe 9th Age
Frob 13/11 2016 Denmark13. november 2016SinglesThe 9th Age
BBN turnering Denmark12. november 2016SinglesWarhammer 40K
ETC kval 2016 Denmark12. november 2016TeamWarhammer 40K
Winter Team Championship 2016 Croatia11. november 2016TeamWarhammer 40K
TG PLAY!@T9A - official annual T9A Master (Single-Event) Germany11. november 2016SinglesThe 9th Age
TG PLAY!@T9A - official annual T9A Master (Team-Event) Germany11. november 2016TeamThe 9th Age
VI GT TALAVERA - COBRADOR & INVASION Spain5. november 2016TeamWarhammer 40K
Russian Autumn Championship Russia5. november 2016TeamWarhammer 40K
CLASH OF THE TITANS, ROUND III 2016 Denmark30. oktober 2016SinglesWarhammer 40K
MWF : Waaagh Tournament II - par équipe - 2 PM 1750 France30. oktober 2016TeamWarhammer 40K
Age og Sigmar in Faraos Cigarer Lyngby Denmark23. oktober 2016SinglesAge of Sigmar
Emperors Chosen XV Denmark22. oktober 2016SinglesWarhammer 40K
Bolt Action invaderer Kbh's Rådhus II Denmark22. oktober 2016SinglesBolt Action
Rise of Warlords XIV Denmark16. oktober 2016SinglesWarhammer 40K
Oldhammer Oct 2016 Ireland8. oktober 2016SinglesWarhammer 40K
Heroes Fall IX Denmark2. oktober 2016SinglesWarhammer 40K
Giant Fanatic 18 - 40K Denmark1. oktober 2016SinglesWarhammer 40K
Giant Fanatic 18 - The 9th Age Denmark1. oktober 2016SinglesThe 9th Age
2016/2017 Efterår/vinter: Pulje 2 Denmark1. oktober 2016SinglesThe 9th Age
LWHT5 Russia25. september 2016TeamWarhammer 40K
Age Rage Denmark25. september 2016SinglesThe 9th Age
Luton Tabletop Gaming Club - 40k Singles - 24th Sept 2016 United Kingdom24. september 2016SinglesWarhammer 40K
Legacy Denmark24. september 2016SinglesThe 9th Age
Faraos Cigarer 40k GF warm up Denmark18. september 2016SinglesWarhammer 40K
Marked Garden Turnering i Herning 17/09/2016 Denmark17. september 2016SinglesFlames Of War
PRE-GT-TALA Spain9. september 2016TeamWarhammer 40K
Heat 1 40k GT 2016 United Kingdom3. september 2016SinglesWarhammer 40K
LoA 1 2016 (Version 2) Denmark21. august 2016SinglesWarhammer 40K
CLASH OF THE TITANS, ROUND II: 2016 Denmark21. august 2016SinglesWarhammer 40K
Ribble Rumble United Kingdom20. august 2016SinglesWarhammer 40K
ETC Kings of War 2016 Greece6. august 2016TeamKings of war
ETC X-Wing 2016 Greece6. august 2016TeamX-Wing
ETC Flames of War 2016 Greece5. august 2016TeamFlames Of War
ESC X-Wing 2016 Greece5. august 2016SinglesX-Wing
ETC 40K 2016 Greece5. august 2016TeamWarhammer 40K
ETC 9th Age 2016 Greece5. august 2016TeamThe 9th Age
ESC Kings of War 2016 Greece5. august 2016SinglesKings of war
ESC Flames of War Greece4. august 2016SinglesFlames Of War
ESC 40K 2016 Greece3. august 2016SinglesWarhammer 40K
ESC 9th Age 2016 Greece3. august 2016SinglesThe 9th Age
Aagaard and Dolls Denmark9. juli 2016TeamThe 9th Age
WAAAGH TOURNAMENT TEAM 3CPM France3. juli 2016TeamWarhammer 40K
Nemesis Wargaming July 2016 Finland2. juli 2016SinglesWarhammer 40K
Rise of Warlords XIII Denmark12. juni 2016SinglesWarhammer 40K
Ammertime Podcast Presents: "Ammer-Hammer I" Denmark5. juni 2016SinglesThe 9th Age
Age Rage 1.0 Denmark29. maj 2016SinglesThe 9th Age
Final Nacional Alcoy Spain7. maj 2016TeamThe 9th Age
Heroes Fall VIII Denmark24. april 2016SinglesWarhammer 40K
ITC Faraos Cigarer København Denmark24. april 2016SinglesWarhammer 40K
Uprising Serbia23. april 2016SinglesThe 9th Age
Uprising x-wing Serbia23. april 2016SinglesX-Wing
Rise of Warlords XII Denmark10. april 2016SinglesWarhammer 40K
Age Rage 0.99 Denmark10. april 2016SinglesThe 9th Age
6 Nations Cup 2016 United Kingdom2. april 2016TeamWarhammer 40K
GrimDark 2016-2 Denmark2. april 2016SinglesWarhammer 40K
Fantasywelt Masters goes Spacesektor Wu Dao Germany27. marts 2016SinglesX-Wing
FastaWar 2016 Denmark24. marts 2016SinglesWarhammer 40K
Bash of Boyz II Denmark19. marts 2016SinglesWarhammer 40K
CLASH OF THE TITANS, ROUND I: 2016 Denmark13. marts 2016SinglesWarhammer 40K
Belgian Team Championships Belgium5. marts 2016TeamWarhammer 40K
Aroscon Warhammer 40k Denmark5. marts 2016SinglesWarhammer 40K
Liga I Aarhus 3 Denmark1. marts 2016SinglesWarhammer 40K
ITC Practice Tourney for Dakka Kon United States27. februar 2016SinglesWarhammer 40K
Age Rage 9 Denmark21. februar 2016SinglesThe 9th Age
Slaget på Heden Warhammer 40.000 Hygge Turnering Herning Lørdag d.20 FEB Denmark20. februar 2016SinglesWarhammer 40K
40K Club Championships 2016 Canada20. februar 2016SinglesWarhammer 40K
Warzone: Slagelse ITC 2016 Denmark13. februar 2016SinglesWarhammer 40K
Heroes Fall VII Denmark31. januar 2016SinglesWarhammer 40K
40k ITC turnering Faraos Cigarer Denmark24. januar 2016SinglesWarhammer 40K
GrimDark 2016-1 Denmark16. januar 2016SinglesWarhammer 40K
Rise of Warlords XI Denmark3. januar 2016SinglesWarhammer 40K
II GT Valencia 2015 Spain12. december 2015SinglesWarhammer 40K
Clash of the Titans V 2015 Denmark6. december 2015SinglesWarhammer 40K
Winter NWL - Århus liga 1 Denmark30. november 2015SinglesThe 9th Age
Winter NWL - Århus liga 2 Denmark30. november 2015SinglesThe 9th Age
ETC Kval 2016 Denmark28. november 2015TeamWarhammer 40K
Winter ETC Croatia13. november 2015TeamWarhammer 40K
Team test Denmark4. november 2015TeamWarhammer 40K
Heroes Fall VI Denmark25. oktober 2015SinglesWarhammer 40K
Giant Fanatic 17 - Fantasy Denmark3. oktober 2015SinglesWarhammer Fantasy
Giant Fanatic 17 - 40K Denmark3. oktober 2015SinglesWarhammer 40K
Clash of the Titans IV 2015 Denmark6. september 2015SinglesWarhammer 40K
Warzone: Slagelse IV - GF17 Warmup Denmark5. september 2015SinglesWarhammer 40K
40K Turnering Faraos - Giant Fanatic Warm up Denmark23. august 2015SinglesWarhammer 40K
Spejderspilleren Invitational 2015 Denmark22. august 2015TeamWarhammer 40K
LOA Runde 3 2015 Denmark18. juli 2015SinglesWarhammer 40K
Liga i Aarhus 2 Denmark15. juli 2015SinglesWarhammer 40K
Heroes Fall V Denmark12. juli 2015SinglesWarhammer 40K
Clash Round III Denmark14. juni 2015SinglesWarhammer 40K
Warzone: Slagelse III Denmark23. maj 2015SinglesWarhammer 40K
LoA Runde 2 2015 Denmark2. maj 2015SinglesWarhammer 40K
40k turnering Faraos Denmark19. april 2015SinglesWarhammer 40K
Clash II Denmark12. april 2015SinglesWarhammer 40K
GrimDark2 Denmark11. april 2015SinglesWarhammer 40K
FastaWar 2015 Denmark2. april 2015SinglesWarhammer 40K
LoA Runde 1 2015 Denmark1. marts 2015SinglesWarhammer 40K
Heroes Fall IV Denmark15. februar 2015SinglesWarhammer 40K
Clash I Denmark8. februar 2015SinglesWarhammer 40K
GrimDark 1 Denmark17. januar 2015SinglesWarhammer 40K
Battlefield Slagelse Denmark17. januar 2015SinglesWarhammer Fantasy
ETC 2016 Test Denmark1. januar 2015TeamFlames Of War
LoA 2 Denmark21. december 2014SinglesWarhammer 40K
Liga i Aarhus Denmark2. december 2014SinglesWarhammer 40K
Torneo Wartetas 15-11 Spain15. november 2014SinglesWarhammer Fantasy
Clash IV Denmark9. november 2014SinglesWarhammer 40K
FoW Aroscon II 2014 Denmark25. oktober 2014TeamFlames Of War
ETC kval 2015 Denmark25. oktober 2014TeamWarhammer 40K
Giant Fanatic 16 Denmark4. oktober 2014SinglesWarhammer 40K
ETC GTS Madrid 28/9 Spain28. september 2014SinglesWarhammer Fantasy
Heroes Fall III Denmark28. september 2014SinglesWarhammer 40K
Clash III Denmark14. september 2014SinglesWarhammer 40K
ETC Aranjuez 2.0 Spain13. september 2014SinglesWarhammer Fantasy
Initiativet WHF Minibattle I Denmark7. september 2014SinglesWarhammer Fantasy
Warzone: Slagelse Denmark6. september 2014SinglesWarhammer 40K
ETCGoblinTraderStore Spain24. august 2014SinglesWarhammer Fantasy
Ulricehamns Open IV Sweden28. juni 2014SinglesWarhammer 40K
Heroes Fall II Denmark15. juni 2014SinglesWarhammer 40K
War of Vindication Denmark7. juni 2014TeamWarhammer 40K
Fastawar Denmark17. april 2014SinglesWarhammer 40K
Heroes Fall I Denmark9. marts 2014SinglesWarhammer 40K
Lords of Aros 0,75 Denmark2. marts 2014SinglesWarhammer 40K
ETC kval 2014 Denmark1. februar 2014TeamWarhammer 40K
Krig i Aarhus Denmark9. november 2013SinglesWarhammer 40K


There has been many improvements in the last couple of weeks and months. Support for X-Wing and ITC-tournaments (scoring, ranking and export of data to ITC) are just two examples. Enjoy :)
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